Vintage Craftool USA Stamps – L Series – Used – CLEARANCE SALE!


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These are Vintage tools marked “Craftool USA”. Some are very bright and shiny, others have a dull finish. Duplicate number stamps are often slightly different in size and/or pattern. Stamps cast when the mold was worn have less sharp image (see the Moose Head in my Z stamp listing). “Looks unused” means that the handle shows no marks from having been struck with a mallet.”Looks New” means there are no signs of use and no problems, may have blue paint on handle.”Looks Brand New” means the stamp looks like it was just picked up from TLF store. All may have tarnish and / or imperfections in their finish due to their age but will still make very good impressions. Peeling plating should not affect the image when stamped. Many have blue paint on the handle to identify them as part of my collection and some have red & green pain from a previous owner. I have photographed each stamp showing the imperfections, please look carefully at all of the photos. Stamps are sold “as is”. The golden color on large areas is NOT rust, it is the reflection of the incandescent light used. Dark orange areas are rust. I have put blue masking tape on the handles to make identification easier–my eyes are not what they used to be. . . Individual stamp conditions unless listed below. L 515 Looks New but dirt on handleL 792 Looks unused but rust and plating thin and/or peeling on handleL 921 Looks NewL 930 #1 Looks unused but rust under stamp head and top of handleL 930 #2 Looks unused but light rust and/or dirt on stamp face and rust under stamp head and top of handleL 953 #1 Looks unused but has rust spots on top of handleL 953 #2 Looks NewL 954 #1 Looks unused but rust on top of handleL 954 #2 Looks New I have found that much of the dirt and rust can be removed from the stamps using silver polish. COMBINED SHIPPING If you want to purchase multiple items from different listings, you have to purchase them without paying for them. Your cart will show ridiculously high shipping & handling charges. Somewhere on that page, you should find the button for “request an invoice”. Most likely it will give you an error message when you click on that. If it does, apparently there is another button appears which says something like “click here for assistance” or “need help with this order”, or something to that effect. That will allow you to send an email to eBay. Tell them that you would like to get an invoice from me for multiple purchases and they will fix your cart and send me an invoice request. Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE See my other listings, I have several hundred Craftool stamps including Craftool Co., Craftool Co. USA, Craftool USA, and just plain Craftool.

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L 515 Leaf Right Facing, L 792 Maple Leaf, L 921, L 929 Oak Leaf FAcing Left, L 930 Number 1 Oak Leaf Right, L 930 Number 2 Oak Leaf Right, L 953 Number 1 Leaf Facing Right, L 953 Number 2 Leaf Facing Right, L 954 Number 1 Leaf Facing Left, L 954 Number 2 Leaf Facing Left

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